LED Technology

LED lights are the biggest technology in lighting since the electric bulb was invented. The energy savings are massive! We partner with giants in the industry such as Philips to deliver this solution. LEDs use up to 25% of the energy of incandescent bulbs. LED lights are the sustainable choice, smart and functional choice. In our range, we have both LED bulbs and lamps with LEDs already built in for High bay, spot lights, wide-angle way view, decorative, etc.

Lighting Audit

Our lighting Audits is carried out in existing commercial and Industrial buildings to achieve these main aims:

  • Identifying any risk factors due to improper or obsolete material and/or workmanship (such as risk of fire, risk of electric shock, energy wastage) and planning towards future capacities in terms of expansions and tolerance.
  • Maximize natural elements to improve lighting
  • Identify and analyze lighting efficiency gaps in current and future projects
  • Optimization of energy sources
  • Critical load analysis
  • Lumen output test
  • Etc.

Our team of experts considers these as priority in our line of work…thereby our commitment to Precision and Diligence.


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