Commercial Solar PV

Carport PV
Our carport solar solution offers clients the opportunity to produce their own electricity by using their existing car parking space. As energy production cost and energy cost in itself is soaring, smart solutions are been designed to put a cap on running cost of electricity whiles optimizing resources. Our Carport Solar solution uses both existing car park infrastructure and can also be designed for new carport from scratch for solar power generation. The energy generated is fed in directly to the building for self-consumption or back to the national grid as part of a feed-in/ net metering arrangement.

Premises Lighting
We have found an even better way of brightening your premises! For most commercial and industrial premises, lighting and visibility is key and complimentary to security at night. We employ cutting edge LED and Solar PV in delivering lighting solutions that do not go off.

PV Hybrid Solutions
We understand that the power should be available always. The power is the engine for all productivity in the factory, office, etc. Our PV hybrid solutions offer clients independence from escalating diesel cost in the running of their diesel generators. Our solution combines Solar PV with diesel gensets to ensure that electricity is available 24/7. In this system solution, smart devices are coupled with genset and PV whiles giving priority to PV power. The diesel genset only kicks in when PV power is low or unavailable.

Continuous Power Supply
For most critical loads, the power should never go off. For most organizations they have never had the “magic” of the power staying off uninterruptedly. Sorry its not magic or illusion! We do it in few days. Our solution ensures that your systems and loads do not go off when you need them most. This solution is ideal for Internet servers, ATMs, telecom repeater masts, data centers, wifi spots etc.


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