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FINANCING OPTIONS Limitless Opportunities

Power Purchase
On of the major barriers to the adoption of solar technology is set-up cost. Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) you will only pay for the power and not the installation. Call us today and let’s discuss how you can get green reliable energy at no initial cost.

Lease to Own
Through lease to own, we will still install the system at no cost to you and spread the payment over a period through a monthly payment structure. You get to own the system after the cost is paid off.

Outright purchase
Through outright purchase, you can fully own the system and generate your own power. Excess power not used will be fed back to the national grid through Net Metering to be used to offset your ECG bills when necessary. With payback typically estimated to between 4-6 years, it may be worthwhile for you to purchase the system outright. This way, you get to enjoy the full benefit of the system


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